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1. Video PIX

Don't wait for holidays or birthdays to show your friends how much they matter to you.  Express your feelings every time you send or answer an email or text.

Here Are A Few Sample Video Cards

Imagine how much your friends will appreciate it when you celebrate the special moments in their lives---as they happen.  GreetingPIX is an intimate, easy, and instantaneous way for you to show your friends how much they matter. Celebrate with them as they lose weight, pass a test, get a promotion or when you tell them how much you love them.

2. Sticky PIX

 "Instant Greeting Cards"

What a fun way to make a statement! PIX are perfect for attaching to any Email. Don't let the birthdays and holidays be the only times you celebrate your friends. A digital Sticky PIX is a great way to share a joke, inspire someone to achieve, acknowledge their success or draw attention to an idea.

Here Are A Few Sample Stickies

To see more Sticky Notes, watch this video

3. PosterCards

 Express Your Point of View

Traditional Postcards are fun way to say, "wish you were here". The new "PosterCards" are a fun new way to tell them what you're thinking, and to share your ideas and opinions in big ways. Whether you are a political junkie, a natural skeptic, or a true believer, PosterCards will help you boldly express your unique point of view no matter where you are.

Here Are A Few Sample PosterCards

To see more PosterCards watch this video

4. Graphic Greetings

 Show Them You Mean What You Say!

We know that a picture can be worth a thousand words. Graphic Greetings is a stylish way to give your words impact. Yes you can acknowledge a friend when you tell them you "applaud" them for their achievement. And Graphic Greetings are a great way to show that you really mean it!

Here Are A Few Sample Graphic Greetings

To see more Graphic Greetings,

watch this video

5. Heartfelt Greetings

To Express Your Softer Side

Sometimes you want to say it softly from the heart. No big bands playing, no shouting, just a whisper to express your feelings. Heartfelt Greetings are meant for moments that need reflection.

Here Are A Few Sample Heartfelt Greetings

To learn more about Heartfelt Greetings watch this video