What time is the meeting Want to go shopping today? Wanna set a play date for kids       Let's get together sometime this week       I need a break Wanna join me     How are you holding up? Have you finished the report Got time for coffee   Do you want to catch a movie tonight? Do you hate this meeting as much as I do  Can we meet for dinner 2nite? Can I buy you a drink tonight Are You Positive


Yes! Yes! Absolutely    There's no way I can do that That sounds great I will call you Sorry can't make it this time Sorry can't make a movie 2nite No, Clearly absolutely not My answer is a weak maybe  I'm ready, just say where and when I'm not open for that right now I'll think about it I would definiyely love that, Call me I will be finished by tomorrow! I need a drink or  I don't know I'll check it out I could not agree more I can't wait till this is over I am positive    Get me out of here Don't worry! I will take care of it   Check with me again tomorrow  

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