3 Reasons To Be A GreetingPIX Member

 1.  Sending Cards In Your Own Email Is More Personal

You may feel that sending Ecards isn't personal enough.  Maybe because, until now, they came from a corporate card company instead of directly from you. Subconsciously, that can feel spammy to your friends. At GreetingPIX we make cards you can send in your own Email so it stays personal between the two of you.

 2. Aren't There Already Enough Card Companies in The World?

It's unlikely that any single card company fits all your communication needs. Card companies are as different as coffee companies.  It's about personality. Think about all the different types of paper cards you've purchased. Sometimes you pay $3.95 for a card, other times you only pay 99 cents.  The same holds true for Ecards. You can find free cards on the Internet or you can buy a membership. With a membership, you get something special that also happens to be less expensive because you pay by the month or the year, not by the card.

3. Why Not Sign Up With Another Card Company?

Everything on GreetingPIX is designed to be quick and easy in your Email.  We are about enhancing "everyday communication," using what we call the "between messages" you send at the spur of the moment between the special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Think of all the Emails you get every day. You could add a Sticky, a PosterCard, or a Graphic Word in your reply. We give you the tools to engage every day, sharing your personality in every communication. That's how your friends get to know and appreciate you. That's what makes GreetingPIX truly different.