Yes, the girl in the short shorts can read your thoughts Why don't we have any lucky cats feet for our key chains Which tastes better, Karate chop or Pork chop Stop whatever you're doing and think about me Stop texting me I don't have time Please send me money to pay for texts Now that you're officially old crabby No It's not me. No I won't go out with you for liking facebook page Nice presentation. Your fly is still open My body is not on sale My blind date thinks I sound gorgeous Is your cat suspicious why you don't have sand in toilet I'd go out with him on one condition it's a text date I wouldn't date him if his life I just realized I can't get higher in the food chain Forgetaboutit Ever wonder if your dog just likes you for your frisbee Ever wonder if you cat is a psychopath Don't worry You'll never nbe as desirable as beer Don't worry about how you look it won't help Do yyou worry that all the cowboys becoem vegetarians Do you ever wonder if chickens get hemorrhoids Do dogs complain abut vets bedside manner Did you ever wonder what cats taste like Can't talk, can't explain, mysterious reason Can't talk not busy Can't talk nervous breakdown Can't talk Im having a baby