How to Send a PIX From Your Smart Phone or Tablet

This Includes your tablet and smartphone

1. Press your finger firmly on the image and hold until the "save picture" bubble appears.

2. Save the image. It will go into your Camera Roll or Gallery so you can add it to your texts just like you do photos.

3. Add as many images as you want to your Camera Roll, so they are there when you need them.

How to Send A PIX From Your Desktop or Laptop

1. Right click on the image

2. Copy Image and paste it into your email, or...

3. You can also save the image to your pictures file on your hard drive where it will always be available to copy and paste.

How To Send a Video 

1. Click the colored bar below the video you want to send. This takes you to a new page.

2. Copy the text and image by holding down your mouse and dragging the cursor across it to highlight

3. Open your email and paste in what you copied.