Holiday Stickies You Can Copy and Paste Into Your Email

Holiday Stickies are easy to send. When using Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Mac Mail, you can right click on the image, or highlight it, and select “copy.” Then open your own email in a new browser tab and paste the image into the body of the message.

If you are using an email program that doesn’t allow you to copy and paste images, select the image, drag it to your desktop, and from there, drag it directly into your Email.

Stix. 2015 new yearStix. Wishing you well in travels Stix. Thank You Red Bow Stix. Snowman Thanks Stix. Smiles for You Stix. Santa Sled Stix. Rejoice Baby In Manger Stix. Kwanzaa Tiles Stix. Kwanzaa Couple Stix. Happy Holidays Santa Stix. Happy Hanukkah Minoura Stix. Happy Hanukkah Gold coins Stix. Elf Yahoo it's Christmas Stix. Christmas Dove

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