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This is Your FREE 36PIX Graphic Shortcuts Starter Pack. 

The PIX on this page gives you 36 FREE images to play with. Actually there are 51 images.  Hope that's okay. They are just a small part of the hundreds of PIX that come in the Full Yearly Membership.

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GreetingPIX.com_Greeting Words Birthday Wishes_You're Making Great Progress

GreetingPIX.com_Word Pictures_Your Ticket To My Heart

GreetingPIX.com_Word Pictures_Two Hearts in One



GreetingPIX.com_Word Pictures_Sorry You're Sick

GreetingPIX.com_Word Pictures_Thanks You Are Truly Epic

GreetingPIX.com_Greeting Words Birthday Wishes_Happy Birthday Gorgeous

Watercolors_ A good friend is the music of life2

Watercolors_ When I count My Blessings3

Watercolors_A bouyant heart helps us rise2

Watercolors_When I am happy, I make other happy, too2





Stix. Kapow

Stix. Find a place inside


Stix. Good Luck

Stix. THANKS final

Stix. Way To Go This is Five Star Work

Stix.Happy Birthday If You Can Scan This

Stix. CONGRATS final

#16 Eaten By The Dog 72dpi

#14 Attention Illegal Aliens 72dpi

#28 If Republicans are Red 72dpi

#6 I'm Feeling Awesome 72dpi

I am so into you

I love you

I'm still smiling

My thoughts today are U-rated

You made me blush last night

Bubble Unique

Bubble Cool

Bubble Call Me

Bubble Marvelous






5.1 Dragonfly Beautiful

5.1 Dolphin You are amazing

5.1 Crazy Fun

5.1 Fulfilled






How To Send PIX From Your Desktop:

1. Choose the PIX image you want to send.

2. Highlight the image, or right click it and "copy" the image.

3. Then paste it, or insert, into your email.

4. You can resize a PIX after you paste it into your email. Click on the image, grab the corners and move in or out.

How To Send PIX From Your Phone or Tablet:

1. Press your finger on the image you want until the bubble appears.

2. Choose "Save Image." (Don't choose "Copy.") The PIX image is now saved in your Photo Stream or Camera Roll.

3. Open the "Share" icon and select the "Message" icon.

4. Touch the little camera icon. When it opens, select a PIX from your Photo Stream or Camera Roll and add it to your text message.

Note: When the recipient taps the image, it will fill their screen.

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