Here are 8 Free PosterCards for use in your Free Limited Membership.

The Unlimited Membership gives you a much greater selection.

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You can resize any image once you paste it into your email. Just click on the image and grab one of the corners and drag the corner to make it larger or smaller.

[su_box title="How to Add PosterCards To Your Email From Your Computer" box_color="#9fc4f9"]Right click on the image, or drag your cursor across the image to highlight it, then select "copy." Next, open your email composer in a new browser tab and paste the image into the body of the message. You can also "save image" and save in your "pictures" folder on your hard drive. Be sure to name it when you save, so you can easily find it.  [/su_box]

[su_box title="How to Send a PosterCard Using Your iPad, iPhone or Android Device" box_color="#9fc4f9"]Gently press your fingertip on the image you want. When the bubble appears select "save image." It will automatically save to your photo stream. Touch the little share icon  in the lower left corner of your iPad. It opens tools for adding the image to your Email, and social media accounts. Now the image remains in your photo stream to send when needed.[/su_box]