It’s Easy To Add A Video Greeting Card To Your Email

This video features our Video Cards with what we call our Semi-beautiful poetry. They are just one fun side of GreetingPIX, in addition to our Sticky Notes, PosterCards , Heartfelt Greetings, Graphic Words and Candy Hearts. The great thing is, they can all be copied and pasted directly into your email message.

Who Is The Penguin?

If you are wondering about our Penguin logo, read more about him on our Blog article titled, Meet Peli, The Director of Happiness.

Our Purpose in Life

We are Dennis and Mary Lou Green, a husband and wife creative team.  Creating products together has been our passion for the past 40 years. We get enormous pleasure out of seeing other people use our products to make each other happy. You can learn more about our past business adventures at

Everything we do here at GreetingPIX is intended to help you communicate your feelings and ideas in unique and entertaining ways to enhance your relationships. Our Video E-cards make it easy and quick for you to add something unexpected to your Emails.

Want a touching way to tell your partner they are loved? Make a promise with our Video card that says, “I Would Still Love You If You Were Ugly.”

Haven't talked to a brother or sister in a while? Send them,  “A Sweet Little Like From Your Sister."

Has a friend just lost a pet?  "Sorry You Lost Your Best Friend" will show them that you feel their loss, too.

Business Email marketers offer templates for businesses to add personality to their communications. So, we thought why not make it easy for ordinary people like us to do the same. We know that you can paste photos into your Email, but nobody has created a greeting card company for the sole purpose of designing cards just for Email.

That's why we worked for more than a year to come up with a simple way for you to send Video E-Cards, then we added Sticky Notes, Poster Cards, Candy Hearts and Graphic Words you can add to any message.

Why do this? Because other card companies send the cards for you, and that doesn’t feel personal. We believe that your cards should come directly from you, not a third party that your friends don’t even know.

We aren’t a big corporation.  We’re just two people, one couple. And we aren't young. We aren't old either, at least not in our minds and hearts. We sold our company in 2005 and retired after developing more than 50 new consumer products together over 35 years. But we didn't like retirement. We want to have fun, and we want to continue creating useful stuff that makes people happy.

We built the website and created all of the cards ourselves, and we are adding new cards and new ideas each week to keep the site fresh and growing.

Our goal is to make GreetingPIX the best it can be to help you keep your relationships alive and growing.

Dennis Green and Mary Lou Green



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