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We made the cards free so you will have fun using them with your friends and hopefully like us so much you'll buy our T-Shirts and other stuff in our Shop.


Why We Created GreetingPIX

One day we were complaining about the limits of texting. We wondered why nobody had created images like greeting cards you could instantly add to a text instead of going through a greeting card company. So we got busy and created a way for you to do it.

  Now you can copy images from our website, save them to your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery, and easily add them to your texts or emails.

Texting is more fun when you add a Graphic to each one!

​Who Are We?

We are Dennis and Mary Lou Green, a husband and wife creative team. Our passion is solving problems in unique and entertaining ways. We get enormous pleasure out of seeing people like you find ways to use our creations to enrich your lives and stay close to the people you care about.

We promise to make GreetingPIX the best it can be and hope it's as much fun for you to use as it is for us to create. Please join us today and start having fun connecting with your friends and family.


Dennis & Mary Lou 

What Our Happy Users Say About GreetingPIX

Kae H.
GreetingPix is a kick!  This super easy program lets me be creative and individual with my personal message while providing an animated greeting.  I love just ‘dropping the GreetingPix' into my email—it’s a delightful surprise to everyone who has received one. Just keep creating more Pix for me please!

Becky  K.
With the ever demanding lifestyles of the 21st century that we live in today, there is just never enough time in our day. This is why finding has been such a blessing for me. I always know that through an email, a tweet or a text, I can very quickly reach out to my friends and family and make a difference in their day.

Richard D.
I like greetingpix because I can send a card right from my own Email. It is an instant greeting card, no delay and no middle man involved. That is different than the other online card companies that send cards for you. I also don't like it when the card company bugs my friend every two days to open their card.  A greeting card doesn’t feel right when it comes from a company you don’t know, instead of a friend. It can feel like spam, or a scam. That can make you afraid to open it.

Brooklin P.
I love the images and pops of color that the graphic words and sticky notes give me!  Instead of just a plain old boring e-mail, or post I love splashing it with a little something.  I just open multiple tabs in my browser and copy and paste between the two tabs!  It is also fun to know that in just a few seconds I can include something that will really stand out to people reading my messages, or posts.  I often have people asking me about my "signature" on my e-mail wondering how I get the graphic to change.  It's not me….It's greetingpix!!